What Was The Way Is Not Always The Way

This journey with Jesus has some very interesting stopping points. For me, the challenge is to distinguish between Jesus and what is just tradition that has served its purpose but is no longer fit for function in helping relationship with Jesus.

I grew up in a Christian background in which there were plenty of positive aspects that helped understand God and the importance of His Word. What came as ironic, then, were a number of practices and unspoken conventions that were held previously by some but were not to be found in scripture and often clashed with the character of Christ and His mission. They were not the sort to get me to repudiate them, but it certainly highlighted the need to be careful and honest about claims that can be made against the reality experienced. It also challenged me to look again at the Word on its own merits rather than just through an organisational lens.

That approach has done a lot to help me realise my own pride and pompous approach to others and how damaging that was. That approach made me more eager to view Jesus as He is in scripture and now that was faithful to how He expressed Himself. That still calls for time to reflect on practice and genuinely consider how they measure to what God expects and expresses.

I am grateful for the brothers and sisters who continue to help me tremendously with the thinking and application in those areas.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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