Can I Have Your Attention?

It works.

There’s not much I have up my sleeve, but one thing I have observed, experienced and occasionally practiced is that when you know how to give someone your attention, that in itself, is a significant step towards making progress in life.

Very simple action that actually requires a great deal of energy and focus. For once it’s not about me, it is about you. It is all about you. You are the most important person on the planet at this specific moment and nothing and no one else matters just for this brief window of opportunity. Whatever you say is important, however you say it I will be sensitive and responsive to it. I want to know how to respond appropriately, I will do what it takes to do so and will honour you for giving this part of your life for this time. If there should be any way that I may actually be of genuine assistance to you at this time, I will do it to the best of my ability. It’s my joy and pleasure in doing so because I value you that highly.

I have been the recipient of people paying that degree of attention to me and it is amazing. Practicing that is so difficult. I have to deal with my own fickle nature, then I have to navigate around the other person’s issues that might be problematic to me. It is very challenging indeed, but what my friends have taught me is that if I can see them as Jesus sees them and further more if I can see them as Jesus then that can help relate and engage with them in the right, caring, considerate and compassionate fashion. It has certainly worked when I have observed it. It is an ongoing practice, though. Especially to do it without an agenda other than to be a blessing to others.

If I can have your attention, then it will give me another opportunity to put that love to practice.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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