Brushing Up On The Skills

There are things I do really well. I excel in these areas and it’s clear not only am I in my element, but I am able to get others to enjoy that element for the time I am in it.

Recently I was reminded that even in those areas that I do so well there’s room for improvement and I had better make the most of the room. A group of us were looking at the gifts God gives us and recalling how we realised them. As we got talking it was clear that we should not take it for granted that we are recipients of God’s goodness. Sharing those gifts for the benefit of others is the purpose of having the gifts in the first place. What also tends to happen is as we come across people who are gifted in similar areas, interacting with them informs us on how we use our gift. It sharpens us and inspires us to go on from where we are to progress.

I like that bit about life. I hope to make the most of the room for improvement so people’s experience of enjoying me in my element will be all the more edifying.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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