Where Next For The Journeyman?

Deborah, which as you know is the greatest name a girl could ever have, is my firstborn. She’s 11 years old, but has a maturity about her that I like a great deal. Of course she’s still a child and I am not rushing that, but it’s good to see her just looking at adulthood and the things in that and taking it a lot more seriously than I did at her age.

In any case, we were conversing and she was talking about places she would live when she is older. Listening to her was fascinating, hearing her map out her life the way she did. Such wanderings in her mind reminded me of the importance of the Journeyman.

Last year can safely be said to be the debut of the Journeyman in the brief sojourn to Aberdeen. Of late the Journeyman has taken on a meaning of more than just geographical forays, but the journey of life, especially from the old travelling to the new. Yet exploring the geographical is still in the thinking.

There are a few locations I have in mind in this country and further a field. I am in conversation to explore one later this summer with a few friends, which I will update you on as time progresses. All being well, God willing, I hope there is another location that will be explored before the end of the year.

The real big one, however, is the trip abroad. Lately a location came to mind that I have a great passion for. I’m trusting as time progresses and intentional prayer and planning takes place to share with you the outcome of that expedition. In a season stretching me beyond my comfort zone, this particular venture would take me far beyond anywhere I have previously considered which is equally daunting and exciting.

All this, bear in mind, in the context of the journey of life on mission with God. It’s not primarily about having a jolly, though it does tap into the root of the holiday (holy-day) and the pilgrimage that sees the journey as being important in discovering different aspects of who God is and who I am and we are in the light of that.

This is all thanks to my daughter already using her amazing imagination to depict her journey of life. Seeing her, I know her journey will be even more wondrous than mine could ever be – and I intend mine to be very wondrous indeed! Look out for more updates as time goes by.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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