I Enjoy Recommendations

My worldview is narrow.

Certain information has come my way, certain environmental factors have influenced my development and I have cultivated certain tastes and preference that does not lead to a very broad perspective on the world in which I live.

Just because my worldview is narrow, however, that does not mean I am narrow-minded. This is one of the reasons why I appreciate recommendations so much. I can do exploring myself and can discover different and new things that way. It’s a method I enjoy and practice on occasions. Recommendations, though, are doorways to broaden my mind that people invite me to explore.

My brother, David, is a brilliant example of that. Musical tastes, philosophical views, perspectives on scripture have all been helpfully broadened because of something David has come across. He will share a thought or a link and suggest it worth my while to explore it. Through that I have been able to challenge some significant preconceptions I held for years. All because of his recommendations. Our sister, Ruth, started that off when we were growing up at home by putting on music she would subsequently recommend for us to consider adding to our collection.

Often those recommendations would trigger my own explorations from which I would emerge enriched for the experience.

That’s why I enjoy recommendations and in an upcoming entry, I have a few recommendation for you to consider. Until then, remember a recommendation in a conversation might open the door for you to experience a brand new fruitful situation.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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