Build or Knock

Life works because it has been built that way.

‘What do you mean by that, Christopher?’ you ask. I am glad you did.

I don’t know of any great life that was not the result of significant development. Building on what has been learnt to be a better person living life in a better way. By better, that’s measured by the standards of the one who gives life, defines life and is life. The more life reflects Him, the better it is. That’s a building job, though. That’s life under constant construction. That kinda life works.

So it’s no surprise that this kind of life is the hardest to come by. It’s also a hard job building it. It’s also an easy job knocking it.

However well the building may go along, someone will make a comment, someone will act in a particular way and it will put a halt to the work. Might even bring aspects of the work down. Those who don’t have a great life themselves make it a point of duty to try and bring down the work of others. As well as that, there is always the concern of self-sabotage whether through doubt, pride, fear or that gnawing sense of inadequacy. All these can jeopardise the project. This is why Life Himself is eager for all those who are about the building business to establish the project on good foundations.

It’s worth being around those who assist in the building work actively and intentionally. Experience teaches us, even as it taught David in his days before becoming King of Israel, that adversity can also support the building work – but even that requires a godly perspective and one that appreciates those who are with you in the building. The tools and resources on hand to help with the building are relational in nature. The outcome of it will be life that helps others in their building project also.

I am grateful for those who contribute to the Christopher Dryden Building Project. The construction work gets tough at times and has suffered setbacks before, but the very fact that you read this is evidence of God’s grace and amazing love in action through those who choose not to knock it, but to help build it. Certainly not for the glory of Christopher Dryden, but for the glory of God.

It remains my desire to be a part of the building project of other tremendous works of God. This is due to observing the fact that life works because it is built that way.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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