Why It’s Good Reading About Life

Reading about the life and times of characters in the Bible is fascinating.

Going through the book of 1 Samuel a chapter a day gets me embroiled in the ups, downs, ebbs and flows of some pivotal people in the life of the nation of Israel. Seeing similar themes present there that takes place today is hugely informative. It’s reassuring to read of the depths people plunge to and God eventually rescues them from. It’s valuable reading of the range of despair and despondency people in positions of great responsibility can experience and the different ways they respond to that positively and negatively.

Working out and working through life’s various challenges is a lot less lonely knowing that themes that I wrestle with others have wrestled with to – some overcoming, some failing. Some being haunted by it, some refusing to be overwhelmed by it in the most trying of circumstances. Those choices and outcomes by people reputed to be chosen of God, highly illustrative.

That aspect of not being as lonely is so vital because it doesn’t just help me, but it motivates me to be mindful of others as and when I can. Takes me out of my situation to be in someone else’s, even as others choose to get in my situation for my good, not seeking to judge and condemn, but to support and encourage.

That’s why, for me, it’s good reading about the life of others.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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