Sam’s 1st Epic 23 – Rock of Parting

The chase is on.

King Saul is taking matters into his own hands and is intent on tracking down David like he’s on a hunt. Meanwhile David and his band on the run, have some fascinating adventures featuring the leading of God.

It’s charming isn’t it. A city comes under attack from the Philistines, you and your ragtag bunch need God to tell you twice that you can get the victory. Lo and behold, in obedience, you go and get the victory over the enemy and rescue the city. Their way of thanking you is to give you up to King Saul when he comes a calling. This is only discovered when God let’s you know that it’s time for the band to go on the run again. It’s another salutary lesson that just because you do good to others, it does not guarantee they will reciprocate when it comes to the crunch.

Yet in the midst of the hunt David and Jonathan connect once more, not only reaffirming their bond, but Jonathan outright declaring what he and his Dad know full well, that this same David hunted down like he’s essential for dinner, will be the King of Israel. It’s a word of encouragement just at the time when your life is most at threat.

That is further borne out by the ensuing chase that sees the people of Ziph going out of their way to help King Saul in his quest. Were it not so perilous, it would resemble a Tom and Jerry cartoon sketch. As David goes down one side of a mountain, Saul is climbing the other side of the mountain. It’s almost as if Saul is about to pounce on his prey and  … just then a message comes through that he’s needed to fight the actual enemy somewhere else.

David keeps going because God is with him and as Jonathan himself told him, however fierce Saul’s opposition it would not succeed. It’s reassuring to know in times of severe opposition that as long as the word of God is with us and for us, even in the midst of a run for life, God will establish a rock of parting before the enemy to fulfil His promises. He really is the rock of our salvation.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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