The Right Time to Go

Recently I watched a documentary on former great footballer and pundit, Alan Hansen. I won’t say too much about it or him other than to say he was among the best centre defenders I have ever seen and among the best football pundits I have ever seen too. Saying he was good at what he did is a humongous understatement.

One thing that was particularly outstanding was Hansen’s timing when it came to finishing as a player and a pundit. Rare is the sportsman of tremendous success who knows when to leave, leaves on their own terms and conditions and leaves on a high. Hansen is in that rare company.

Noting that aspect of timing acts as a reminder that life is about quality timing. Knowing when to stick with something and when to move on saves a considerable amount of time, effort, emotional expenses and mental anguish. It certainly is galling to quit something just before it starts being successful, I contend, however, that it’s even worse out staying your time. Especially when something had been so good then you stayed beyond your time, it goes from being sad and awkward to severely tarnishing and even substantially diminishing any good that was done in the first place.

This is something I continue to witness in all walks of life not just football. Ideas and practices that were very useful at one point have now become such a crutch that it becomes counterproductive. Where once an event inspired great attendance and engagement, now it plods through the motions with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a damp, rotten slice of lettuce. Some even question if it had ever been useful before.

So once more it’s worth being sensitive to wisdom and having the discernment to know when it’s time to move on. To not be swayed by the whims of others but to know assuredly that it is time and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially as it establishes and reinforces all the good it was meant to leave.

Just for the wisdom to know and the courage to act.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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