Resources at Hand

I love resourceful people.

The ability to make the most of what is at hand to produce something of function and excellence in that function always makes me applaud to their credit. My wife and my brother are two remarkably resourceful people. It’s in hanging around them over recent years that I have really grown to appreciate utilising the tools at hand to accomplish a set task. So in as much as I prefer typing at a keyboard with two sets of handy digits, being able to blog by my mobile device is one of the most useful aspects at my disposal. No wonder that which is referred to as a mobile phone is hardly used for telephonic purposes by me, but it’s ever so useful for blogging.

As well as that I am still very grateful for a handy pen and post-it note that allows me to jot key ideas and thoughts down to refer to later on. Sure I could use the mobile device for that too, but that post-it note reminder can be a quicker trigger to action for me.

A wise man once instructed me to ensure I had my toolbox ready at all times to be able to use it whenever the need arose. This wise man was not referring just to a typical toolkit – he knew after all that my idea of DIY tasks was to draw the curtains. He was referring to how a man is ready and equipped to attend to a matter in the sphere of his vocation. This is physical and mental resources at hand to help.

It’s a piece of advice I still am reminded of just when I think I don’t have enough resources. I am reminded of the mental toolkit intentional and unintentional experience has resourced in me. There are also those physical tools at my disposal yet to be fully utilised. With those in hand and in mind, I can truly be fit for whatever purpose the Master has for me.

With that in place there’s also the daily maintenance and replenishment of those resources so that I can be better resourced to engage in the issues of the day.

This approach is modelled by loved ones close to me. I will earnestly endeavour to follow those models to benefit those I come across.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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