Sam’s 1st Epic 11 – Saul to the Rescue

In many ways, for King Saul, it was the best of times.

Newly acknowledged as King over Israel, he faced his first crisis and this would be crucial in deciding what kind of king he would be. His people under siege to the Ammonite under a threat of great humiliation. Saul’s response to the siege in contrast to those around him was to get angry. It was no time for crying and mourning, it was time to act.

This episode is one in which Saul’s credentials as king were on display for the people to see. He could gather the troops, he could reassure those under siege that he was on the job, he could strategically place for maximum impact, he could then go onto produce a resounding victory against the enemy to the acclaim of his people.

Not just that, but at the height of the victory as his detractors were about to be summarily disposed, he could be very magnanimous. He could see that the victory wasn’t about his reputation, it was about the integrity and safety of his people. That’s reason to rejoice, not to get vindictive.

These remarkable characteristics of Saul would have given his people hope that indeed God had chosen a great man to be their king.

In many ways, for King Saul, it was the best of times.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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