Fun with Friends

I admit it.

Sometimes I can take life and myself too seriously. There’s an earnestness, a depth, a pondering, something more to what there is, something worth taking for much more than its face value that I feel obliged to uncover with due diligence. In all that something like fun gets derided and sidelined. I am very sorry for that.

I see my daughters messing around with their friends and the sound of them laughing at their fun can sometimes alleviate those earnest occasions I get. They remind me that once it was alright to just have fun.

Thank God for friends in my life who not only remind me of that but also deliberately make time and space for me to experience that and realise once more that there’s room for levity in life. There’s time for laughter, there’s a place for fun. There’s no better time or place for that than with friends in an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. It does me much good to have those experiences.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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