Healing Heartbreak

It was a very special service.

A woman had come up and shared a powerful testimony of how she was miraculously healed of a seriously debilitating illness that had her on a lot of medication that did little to rid her of the excruciating pain. The testimony was so touching that there was a recognition that the time was right to offer people healing who wanted it. The number of people who responded was breathtaking and so began a time of prayer and healing. It was a real privilege to witness it as people received healing for a myriad of issues.

One story in particular arrested me because it reminded me that in as much as some experienced healing there and then for others it was more about the consolation of the presence of God in the process. The individual talked about they had suffered terrible betrayal by the person closest to them. They experienced crushing heartbreak that they had never thought possible. Their world turned upside down and confusion and uncertainty affecting almost every move they looked to make. How they were functioning was more on autopilot and in a daze. When they heard the testimony they felt the need to approach Jesus with their broken heart just asking for it to be mended. The request was so simple and so gentle, but so powerful.

Their testimony was not of an overwhelming healing and restoration that made everything alright. Their testimony was one of reassurance. Their knowledge from the experience was of Jesus who knew about betrayal and being hurt by those closest to him. He related to the feeling of rejection and as the image of him going to the cross suffering so greatly, they saw someone who would walk with them through the process with their heart. That level of reassurance did wonders for them.

That insight also did wonders for me in encouraging me to be available to walk with people as they endured their own process.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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