More about Grace

There’s a word that I hear often and it’s really annoying. That word is ‘lucky’.

I know where people are coming from when they say it. What bugs me about it is that it fails to recognise the source of credit for the things that happen to us for which we are not directly responsible.. It’s good, we enjoy it, but we didn’t really make it happen. We shrug our shoulders and explain it away as just being lucky, we guess. Likewise when something happens that was not so good for which we were not responsible we pass it off as being unlucky, we guess.

It’s how people get by and it works for the,. Knowing what I know, though, i can’t just leave it down to the thing called ‘luck’. Bad stuff happens, it’s not unlucky, it’s not always something that can be explained and something about it suggests that we should just acknowledge it as bad, but don’t take baggage from it. Conversely, then, there should be something about not taking credit when something good happens, and I have tended to see that as a clear sign of grace.

I was with a small group recently and I was sharing something in the Bible. The people I was sharing with were truly loving and supportive to me as I was sharing. What made their efforts all the more remarkable was that I was aware that they had undergone an exhausting few days of travelling, work and other responsibilities. there was an argument to say they didn’t even need to be there. They were well within their rights to retire to rest or sleep in or something. No, they wanted to show up, they wanted to listen, they wanted to engage and they wanted me to know how blessed they were by the experience. That has little to do with my abilities and skills. That has everything to do with the grace of God allowing these brothers and sisters to serve me in this remarkable fashion.

This has been typical of how this group have treated me as well. They have been generous with their time and resources. In my tight and tough times, they have come through for me at just the right time. It’s been incredible. That’s not luck for them to know that. That’s amazing grace.

The love of Christ expressed in ways like this deepens the impression I have of Him and the people He brings along my journey to be of comfort and encouragement. This is not the first time and I believe it won’t be the last as long as I am alive.

These episodes are vital to me, because there are times of great lack but never without essential provision. There are times of concern and questions, but in it and through them there is a sense that He is aware and He does care.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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