Simple and Radical

It’s not always good having conversations with some people if you want to avoid challenges. I had such an experience recently.

My associate was explaining how he found it odd that on a Sunday morning people would gather in a building for a few hours but have little to no impact on the surrounding area but return the next week to go through the same thing again and among other things bemoan the lack of change in the world around them. The commitment to the routine was something he found baffling. To him the simple solution was to spend time where the people were, engage with their issues on their terms and where possible build bridges to whatever was being celebrated and seemingly contained in that building where people gathered for a few hours every Sunday morning.

To my associate it was a very simple thing to do. He also was aware, however, that to do something so simple would be considered upsetting and radical to others who were used to, comfortable with and familiar with the status quo. As long as the rhetoric didn’t demand action they were content with bemoaning the lack whilst doing little to nothing to actually address it. It was sufficient to invite others to their holy huddle every Sunday, but anything beyond that was not on the cards. Likewise should the invite be declined at least they did their bit, which was all that their hectic lives could manage. It only went to reinforce their bemoaning.

My associate just could not live with that approach. It seemed hypocritical to carry on that way, so he refused to sign up to it. Instead he saw merit in using his time with others to actually effect change by being involved in the life of the community around him. He saw merit in blessing those around him in immersing himself in the issues that mattered both in the small and the larger picture. He never went alone, he knew that comradeship would be important for the work ahead and that was good enough for him as at least he went to bed at night knowing he was doing something about it.

He remained baffled at why others saw something so simple as so radical … and disruptive and thus avoided it.

That’s why it’s good to avoid those kind of conversations if you don’t want to be challenged.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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