What? Again?

Recently my wife and I spent some time together up in West Yorkshire. For those of you who don’t know, this is a part of England that has beautiful hills and valleys. It’s gloriously picturesque although at times likely to be affected by rain.

Not that Authrine and I were put off by the rain because we stayed at a superb venue called the Westwood Christian Centre. We were treated so well by the wardens of the centre and we could use the time and space to explore some things together. It was a great time with Authrine and from it were inspired some themes that are set to dominate Dryden life for the foreseeable future.

(Oh, by the way, a word on that phrase ‘foreseeable future’. It’s rather peculiar because really and truly what of the future do we ever really and truly see? So for that phrase just interpret that to mean ‘for the time being’.)

We have witnessed success together and we have also witnessed failure. A particularly crucial ingredient to both was the degree of commitment to keep doing the basics. As long as we did that, despite the challenges we faced, we tended to both overcome and succeed. Where we got distracted from that, even when we experienced some positive things, setbacks and failure would emerge.

On the occasions when there was setback and failure the platform for progress often required us to go back and do things again. Two letters in the English language are great at highlighting that concept of doing something again – ‘re’. Look at the words that when given the prefix of those letters tell you to do something again. Return, reconcile, repent, rebuild, renew, report, revise, review, redeem, restore, refresh, reinvigorate and repeat are just some I can think of off the top of my head.

(Oh, by the way, a word on the phrase ‘off the top of my head’. That phrase makes me chuckle. As if there are things on the top of your head, other than hair, which can be picked off so easily. It’s just funny to me. Just saying.)

One good word in the ‘re’ family is great at describing the benefit of doing something again that can help with the proper growth and shaping of any aspect of life. That word is reform. As it was initially formed it was fine, but over time that has gone out of shape, so we have to go back again to get it back to the shape it should be in. Sometimes it can be exasperating and frustrating to go back to the basics again, but it’s often a humbling and invigorating experience to do so and cherish once more the absolute fundamentals of what shapes and defines you.

Recognising that God shapes and defines. Reverting to that dependence. Rejoicing in the sufficiency. Reflecting on the simplicity and need for commitment to that. Researching the paths that help inform me of that in my every day life. Replicating that in my daily encounters.

All this aids the development and I am grateful for the season to work on this with Authrine. I am grateful to be able to focus on this with the Lord.

As for those basics, well that’s for another blog entry. You will remind me, won’t you, just so I don’t have to revisit this again.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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