Brief Dryden Update & About Sam’s 1st Epic

April is done. I didn’t hate April, quite a lot of good things happened in that month. I am grateful for it and I am glad it’s done.

In the past week I had not written much in the way of a Bible Study. The break was good and posting some interesting videos I came across was cool, I enjoyed that. I hope to do that a bit more as the occasion calls for it.

My life has undergone some significant developments in the last month, a lot of which I think are outstanding and a few that are considerably challenging. One outcome from that is hopefully soon I will be able to share with you some information about a brilliant new place where I hope to do some work. I will also be making the most of some important developments recently to be able to take some critical steps forward for the benefit of my family and myself. I look forward to keeping you updated on that as positive news emerges.

As I have mentioned previously the daily scripture has proved to be something highly positive for me in a number of ways, so I was keen to continue that. I was wondering where to go next and it came to my attention that the story of David from shepherd to warrior to King to fugitive to the quest for his throne had a lot to commend it. That as well as the fascinating characters of Eli, Samuel and Saul made it worth my while to get more insight into the character of God, His relationship with His people and the man after His own heart through the epic books of 1st and 2nd Samuel. So I am excited to be exploring those books in the days and weeks to come.

Finally today (1st May) is my Mum’s birthday!! She remains one of the most amazing women I know and sentiments of ‘I love you’ never say enough for my feelings for her. I am glad God has spared her life and health another year. I hope He continues to do so to allow her to be a blessing to others as she has been to me.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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