Change for Justice, Justice for a Change

This here blog is not always about topical issues. I don’t read the news and then suddenly feel the need to blog about what I read. Sometimes I go out of my way not to be topical, because I don’t see the need or more often than not there are others who have written about the issues far better than me.

In future, that may not always be the case. That whole free flow deal that I enjoy might deliberately bump into what’s going on where current events are concerned. Like this entry.

Believe it or not, I don’t always spend a lot of time reading back on what I have written in the past. In fact a lot of the time it surprises me catching up on what I’ve actually written even as much as a year ago. As it happens, there was an issue particularly bugging me today and before I was to launch into my words for the day, I did a cursory look at what I’d written on the subject of justice. In doing so it transpires I’ve written quite a bit about justice on this blog.

It’s virtually a year ago since I wrote passionately on the subject of what to do about injustice. The matter of justice also bothered me when I considered what emerging voices on justice were like from the prophetic tradition to the present. Almost four years ago I was upset about a matter that made it look as though injustice was rampant from the bottom up. Almost five years ago I was pondering about the issues of how we truly deal with the demands of justice when certain decisions are made. Indeed even my brother got in on the act in sharing a guest post looking at the central place justice for all should take for anyone genuinely looking to live a godly life.

Of particular relevance in the light of current events is an article I wrote in 2012 about what justice looks like in the light of the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Today in hearing a verdict by a jury that the deaths of 96 people was a result of unlawful killing filled me to the brim with emotions. Some celebrated what they perceived to be justice. I, however, was still stuck on how a decision took so long to make. It’s another step towards justice, but it’s certainly not the fulfilment of justice at all. Questions still abound about what justice looks like now that those who were directly complicit are either dead or not far from being in that position. There are still issues about how proper measures can be put in place not just to ensure such a disaster does not happen again, but such a disgraceful miscarriage of justice is allowed to pervade society as it did in this tragedy.

When my emotions get so high, it’s so important for me to hold onto the knowledge that there is a God who cares. there is a God who sees and knows about injustice and what it takes to resolve it, whether it was with people in slavery in Egypt, or humanity enslaved to sin from the beginning. I’m grateful to know He has a resolution to the matter and we as His agents for change get to express it however we can.

It is good to know that followers of Jesus are involved in a change for justice to see justice for a change.

For his Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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