Layers for a Masterpiece

I love the music of Jon Gibson.

Not everything he’s ever done, but he’s done a lot that I regard highly. For sure he doesn’t get the plaudits he deserves for his brilliant musicianship, but that’s cool. As long as he knows he’s a blessing to the Body of Christ that’s all that matters.

Recently I was listening to his track ‘I Will Be There For You’, as I listened I got caught up in the different strands of the piece that made it so beautiful. Two keyboard parts, drums, bass guitar and two acoustic guitar parts laying the musical foundation then at least six vocal parts providing splendid harmonic support for the lead vocal. I considered the time it took to patiently apply each layer to the masterpiece. Ensuring each layer blended in with the overall work – on its own good, but in the mix of the whole superb. I considered the decisions made on which parts to give more volume, which parts to highlight at particular points in the song. All masterfully crafted to produce those few minutes of beautiful ministry to my ears and heart.

Each part unique in its expression but elegantly complimenting each other in its own time. None requiring to imitate the other completely, but each supporting the others on smoothly leading from one to the other and excellently combining together as the strengths of each were harnessed.

When I got to thinking about further, I realised I wasn’t contemplating just music, I was contemplating Kingdom life as the Christ community expressed Him to the world.

Thinking of the brothers and sisters I have come across from various walks of life, I recognised these layers of a masterpiece are being applied and it’s to continue encouraging this for the benefit of the world and the glory of God.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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