Not Just Jesus and I

I get it.

People will let you down. Those you are expecting to support you the most are the ones that fail you at times when it’s most important. They disappoint you when they slip up and often devastate when they fall. As a result it’s easy for us to chime in with ‘you can’t trust anyone’.

Unsurprisingly, I come across a number of testimonies from people talking about how it was just Jesus that walked with them in tough times. Only Jesus understood. Only Jesus was there. Only Jesus cared. Only Jesus could be trusted.

I get it.

I understand, too. I am one of those who let down people. I am one of those that disappointed. I am one of those who went missing when folks expected me at the most challenging times. I have likewise experienced what it is to be disappointed, let down and had people go missing when I needed them the most. My testimony, however, is how in some really dark times in my life, Jesus walked with me. He also sent some of his brothers and sisters to come alongside me. Brothers and sisters I trusted and lived up to and beyond that trust. Brothers and sisters who gave of themselves sacrificially in an overwhelming demonstration of love.

Sure these people weren’t always the ones I expected, they didn’t always agree on everything with me and in some cases they didn’t even know or want to know Jesus. They didn’t fit that criteria, but they fitted a bigger criteria in displaying Jesus love to me when I needed it the most. That’s why I continue to believe in church as the community of grace, not necessarily in its institutional appearance, but certainly in the way the Body of Christ expresses itself in a variety of ways.

I won’t be spending eternity with just Jesus. The main commandment he shared was not about just God and I. There is a beautiful reality that I can learn now. God has given relationships for now and eternity. Those relationships will enable us to know God more and display to the world the love of Christ.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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