Next Step on the Journey

Almost ten years ago I was working somewhere that offered me the opportunity to among other things write a small article every week day.  The purpose of the article was to connect with the readers and share with them something that might prove to be stimulating to some degree. Usually in a light-hearted way, but occasionally challenging.

Looking back, that was a privileged position to be in. For that to form a legitimate part of my working day, that was great. The title I gave a series of entries in those daily thoughts was Life’s Journey Notes. Since then, over time my writing has progressed sometimes and such is my approach to this blog that sometimes I can go on a tangent focusing on a topic, or just blog randomly on anything that comes to mind. I like the freedom to be able to do that.

As twice daily blogging here has been a thing, it’s offered an opportunity to write on what I come across in scripture in the morning and free flow blogging in the evening. I am enjoying that arrangement for the time being. Of late you would have noticed entries in the Journeyman Journal. That series came about because of an intriguing development in my life and in a real way it has allowed me to express a natural continuation of Life’s Journey Notes. It’s a good reminder that this blog isn’t just about thoughts on issues, but it is about me and what’s going on with me. Journeyman Journal won’t continue on the daily basis it was on of late, because I want to continue using the evening entry for free flowing blogging, but I will endeavour to make the Journeyman Journal at least a weekly part of the blog where I can be personal about what is going on with me.

One of the reasons for the Journeyman Journal is that of late I have been reminded I am going somewhere. There is a destination, there is a route to get there, it does require movement on my part and seeking direction from God. That journey is not to go a conventional route and follow the crowd in where they are going. It does require a step in the unknown and that nervy step is one I am taking at present. I hope to be able to record what happens with that here over time.

Meanwhile huge thanks to regular, irregular, one-off and occasional readers. This blog is not about navel-gazing and with the likes and views and occasional comments it’s very encouraging to know that you in particular are reading this as part of your life’s journey. It’s my pleasure and privilege to contribute in this way. I hope that I will continue to grow and contribute for however long this part of the journey is to take.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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