Journeyman Journal – Free

Jesus said knowing the truth sets us free. This was not just any true statement. So knowing the truth about mathematical equations is not the key to the freedom Jesus mentioned.

Living a lie, believing a lie and endeavouring to pass a lie off as true does not liberate. In the contrary, it only causes cages that squeeze out the life of people. Believing the lie about self-importance without regard for others acts like a poison effectively debilitating the very thing that was said to be of great importance.

Knowing the truth about Jesus is genuinely liberating as that knowledge affects who we consider ourselves to be. We’re less likely to be abused on the inside because of this truth. Though issues may knock us down, this truth will get us rising again. Though challenges may seek to thwart any progress being made, this truth is far greater. It overwhelms everything that seeks to oppose it, because the light of the truth can never be overcome by the darkness of the lies.

This truth sets us on the path to be all we were created to be and be a blessing to those we come alongside because we are no longer imprisoned by the lies we formerly held. We don’t peddle those lies anymore, rather our lives proclaim the liberating joy in beholding this truth about the identity and purpose of Jesus Christ.


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