Journeyman Journal – Killers

If we don’t breathe we don’t live.

I recently considered what sort of things happen to stop the breathing. Lack of food and drink certainly can contribute to the end of living. More critically, real concern comes from the actions we carry out that stifle people and that stifling leads to strangling the life out of people.

One way people are stifled is when hope is removed. Hope is taken through messages and actions suggesting despair and disappointment as inevitable experiences that far outweigh others. Hope is removed when fear is given prominence. Hope is removed as every failing and setback is magnified to imply this is all there is to life.

People are stifled when the contribution their unique character plays in society is diminished. If they don’t live up to the expectations of others and don’t conform with the norms set by those around them they are seen not just as weird and unorthodox, but actions marginalise them to the point of ignorance. When your happiness is dependent on complying with those who neither know or want to know who you really are, the stifling effect kicks into overdrive and can lead to the tragic case of the walking dead.

Taking hope and diminishing character do more to kill than some physical and chemical elements that come with health warnings. Sadly the character of some have been so traumatised that they never seem to recover. It’s for those who have experienced the fullness of life to share it with others so they may not have to endure the effects of these killers.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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