Journeyman Journal – Long

The first commandment with a promise of the positive kind refers to honouring parents. The promise attached refers to living long in the promised land.

It’s interesting that the promise is about living long. The thought of living long for some leaves them petrified. The image of getting old, losing some sense and ending up being up being put in a home losing effective contact with the outside world as you’re herded with others in a similar stage of life. It’s not the best picture painted of what it is to live long. That doesn’t touch on related conditions that often Connect with what it is to be advanced in years.

For me, the thought of living long in the promised land is an exciting one. Convincing others of that can prove to be harder. What makes the promise so appealing is the location – the promised land, the rich environment, the residential areas already built up – everything in trim and tip top condition. The environment of honour is enjoyed for a long time because those who inherit the land show themselves to be honourable to the root. Enjoying something in its truest sense should cause a flutter and stir and giving due honour to those who placed us here reflects the due honour. When asked about the chance to live long, any caveats people leave we find are minimal compared with the joy of inheriting the promise. The promised land, the promised presence and the accompanying promised protection goes a long way to seeing why this command was so much of a great promise.

Nowadays it’s not just that promised land we look forward to. There are various we expected and pursue. For all those, little beats the presence of peace causing peace to  come to those who were on the edge of disaster.

Living long in a place like that is something to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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