Journeyman Journal – Nurture

It is simple to some, but it remains fascinating to me how my Mum did it. The rudimentary ingredients were in the kitchen, it didn’t look like much, but somehow by the work of her hands and her heart before too long a filling, delicious and glorious meal was presented for the eating. I didn’t need to be asked twice. Just the smell drew me in such a way that has never been bettered.

As well as that, she saw something in me that others didn’t and so was eager to celebrate it and allow space for that to develop. There was ongoing encouragement. No one’s smile was broader and no one’s kiss on the cheek was as pleasing as hers. She was not living vicariously through us. She was living to let us know we could enjoy living with her wholehearted support. She so dearly wanted us to enjoy living.

That creating of space wasn’t just a physical thing of leaving us to it. She intentionally put in place measures that enabled us to focus on what we did well and loved. Her prayer life also showed us that real joy was not found from any other source than the heavenly one. When we felt low, she came alongside to carry us emotionally. She was relentless in her care.

She was given a little and her effort and care produced much. Her labour, her toil, her care, her concern, her oversight, her diligence, her faith and her undoubted creativity took the potential and saw it to fruition even beyond what she had considered.

I am not painting a picture of perfection. I am painting a picture of maternal brilliance of which I am a recipient, though not just me. It’s a reasonable standard that I applied to others, but have realised is unique to her, because it was who God specifically equipped her to be to us.

It’s reasonable to return thanks for the rest of my life. She is worth so much more. I can give her nothing less.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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