Journeyman Journal – Rest

It’s a great pleasure to have spent time with truly great people. Their approach to life and level of effort continues to challenge me with a work ethic second to none.

Indeed what has been a rarity is being with someone who was as excellent at rest as they were at work. I know people who slept only out of sheer exhaustion. Their workaholic nature was evident, their concept of rest didn’t go much beyond rhetoric. Rare was the person who completely embraced and personified the critical role rest plays in the life cycle. By rest I am not only referring to getting sleep. I was brought up in a setting that majored on Sabbath as a day to be observed. Yet in its adherence to the concept, actually celebrating and promoting the issue of rest was shockingly not that much of an issue other than warning against taking part in work.

What I also discovered in my life was that there was a way in which Christian faith was an added burden to regular life. There was the secular and the spiritual split. Somehow you needed to fit both in life but that split lead to a virtual double life and that brought added pressure never relieved in a church context that promoted performance above intimacy. It was no place to rest, it was a place to sing up, praise up, cough up then shut up – and by place it was both the physical environment and the people culture.

Thankfully these things came to a head for me eventually or I am sure I would have worked myself into a frazzle. Jesus invites me to rest in Him. God invites me to rest in the completed work. Truly experience and appreciate rest. Cessation of work. Celebration of life. Relaxed, reflective, responsive, refreshing, reinvigorating, renewing, re-engaging with the God of life and seeing the completed work of creation, salvation and restoration. Seeing it, hearing it, smelling it, tasting it, feeling it, talking it, singing it, being silent in it, crying in joy for it all prepared to live it in all of the new week to come.

That rest both individually and collectively is worth experiencing to truly fulfil what it is to live abundantly. My quest is to experience more of it on the journey and share that with others.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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