Journeyman Journal – Locality

For some reason there are some who believe that the best way to solve local problems is with a national strategy.

It’s odd to me. There’s great benefit from national structures to provide resources, support and reference points. It’s just odd to think that the way to solve distinctly local problems is from a national level. Especially as the story for many is more about how it was the local that helped the individual find out more about their place in the larger whole, the importance of the family feel and the distinct taste of the people from its locality.

I sat and listened to a man talk of the five benefits of the local church and how it can influence and shape lives through example, intimacy and pointing to the ultimate example. It reinforced to me how things that do well start in the local and even as it spreads it rests on people in their specific context and locality to work it out in a way relevant to them.

Anything that works starts within and works itself out to start others within and work themselves out. Start it small, work it out.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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