A Brief Overview of the Journeyman

The message came though to follow Him in various stages. The journeyman had started out when he was told to leave the comfort of his home to pursue studies. At the time the studies were academic, but he didn’t know that the studies would incorporate his whole life.

When he reached the age of 21 it became more apparent to him that his attachment to home would have to change. Thus began a series of moves where he discovered what it was like to walk by faith as the comforts of regular income and a job were taken away to be replaced by sporadic voluntary opportunities. Yet in the time, he still experienced why God had called him on the journey. In all the activity and projects, it was clear that he was supposed to be getting somewhere with God. Getting distracted by some of the activities and getting used to the new concept of responsibility in the married relationship he was eventually stopped in his tracks and sternly rebuked to go on the path God had set for him.

The journey was about getting to know God more through the Word and through key relationships. The more He learnt about this journey, the more he was taken away from the familiar to new experiences that stretched his faith and understanding of God further. Yet there was more to be learnt by journeying away from what had been established as home to emerge from shadows and be in the light of the Lord trusting Him solely in the journey.

In as much as he had learnt so much, it was clear through episodes in life, that the journey was calling him deeper and further. Calling him away from the old that held him back and into something new, despite it being again an experience in the unknown.

To prepare him for this, the journey would require him to take a sojourn into conversing with God all the more intimately.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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