I am very familiar with the school of thought that says that it’s best to prepare for the worst to avoid disappointment so that anything else is a bonus.

It’s a thought that has influenced my approach to things in the past. It did certainly work in terms of preparing me for the worst if it happened. What it didn’t do, though, was give me much in the way of exhilaration or excitement or positivity. In fact it worked very well at leaving things fairly flat.

Recently I have taken on the challenge of learning a new approach that says it’s alright to expect good things, better things, great things. It’s alright to do that. It’s alright to expect a good day and work towards it. It’s alright to expect better sessions of teaching and learning. It’s alright to expect great things to happen when God’s people gather together to share life and the particular unique insights on life that God gives them.

It’s alright to do that and sometimes in doing that the actual outcome exceeds the expectation. Even on the occasion when it doesn’t match up to it, this is not the end, it’s an opportunity to be grateful for what was to help what can be again when we expect.

This is certainly a new approach, but it doesn’t leave me flat. It leaves me hopeful and eager to see what God can do in the situation.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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