Dad, David and I – A Story Of Three’s

My brother, David, celebrates the birth of his third child. It’s significant to me for a this reason: Our Dad also had the blessing of three children in his household. As you may be aware I also have three children. So David being the father of three children wraps up the Dryden hat-trick of hat-tricks!

Dad, David and I, then, are fathers and at least two of us are great devoted fathers to the children.

Our Dad remains a dedicated man who looked out for the wellbeing of his children through sacrificial service over the years. In as much as I would want to make him out to have his favourites, I look back and can only see that he was an incredibly impartial and considerate Dad. His circumstances were not easy, but he never gave the impression of a man overwhelmed and neither gave us the impression that we were an unnecessary burden to him. Those walks we had in the summer Saturday evenings remain precious memories to me and his example of maintaining his equanimity is something that I still aspire to and inspires me, even as his devotion to being a godly man also inspired me.

My brother has evidently learnt well from our Dad. The quality time and effort I know he invests in his son and daughter is remarkable. Along with his brilliant wife, they have created a haven for their children to grow in peace and safety despite the world around them at times in mayhem. The way he prioritises the welfare of his household from the practical to the emotional and more really shows he is able to learn and apply principles of fatherhood diligently. That’s why it bodes so well for the recent addition to his household.

God has blessed all three of us with three chldren. Those precious lives are truly reflections of God’s abundant generosity and care for us. Even as He has fathered all three of us, I trust it will continue to enable us to model that fatherly care, dedication and resolve to our offspring.

(Shhhhh … don’t tell anybody, this is just between me and you, I hope David goes onto surpass what Dad and  I have got in terms of the number of children. It’s a bit early having just had the third one, but there’s still time! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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