A Thought Or Two On Fellowship

It was slapped in my face all over this weekend.

It culminated in a great friend of mine sharing some profound words of truth abut my experiences of fellowship and positing an alternative that got me thinking if I truly acted on this it would change what I’ve known about fellowship in practice on a regular basis over all my life.

What it comes down to again is reading what scripture says on the matter of fellowship and seeing the thread from relationships in Genesis to relationships in Revelation. Reading those and contrasting it to what I’ve at ties experienced on a regular basis.

it’s lead me to take seriously again questions of what fellowship is and how it’s practised, how it differs from what some of us have witnessed and engaged with over the years. I’m asking these questions at a good time, though, especially in the light of new relationships developing where we can explore answers together.

It’s worth thinking again about what fellowship is to you. What makes it distinctly Christian fellowship? Why is it so important and what are its key ingredients?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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