16MTP 06 – Wisdom Mixtape

Here are some thoughts on the different tracks in this chapter of Proverbs.

Save yourself, just as a deer or a bird tries to escape from a hunter. (Proverbs 6:5 CEV)

Track 1 (vs 1-5) Advice To Get Out Of Dodge

I enjoy the phrase concerning how the mouth writes cheques that the body isn’t able to pay (or a particular part of the anatomy). Our mouths and lives can get us into a lot of trouble especially when we make deals with people to do something we later discover is beyond us. Yet like the pile of bills under the mat, there’s the tendency to look to ignore these responsibilities, which is why the writer of these Proverbs offers a great word of advice. Don’t waste time, don’t delay, get in touch with the person you made the deal to (or these days the phone company, electricity company, gas company and so on) and get yourself out of trouble as soon as you can.

How long will you lie there doing nothing at all? When are you going to get up and stop sleeping? (Proverbs 6:9 CEV)

Track 2 (vs 6-11) Get To Work You Sluggard

The reference to the sluggard is  at times hilarious and yet to be taken very seriously. How the writer of Proverbs without holding back tells the lazy person to take the example of nature and be industrious is stark. How he further goes onto show how the current habit of the sluggard is leading him to ruin and despair is a chilling cautionary tale to anyone who has a tendency to shirk responsibilities.

 Six things are hated by the Lord; seven things are disgusting to him: (Proverbs 6:16 BBE)

Track 3 (vs 12-19) God Hates The Wicked Man

Some would dispute that this is really two tracks and not one, but the why I look at vs 12-15 and then vs 16-19 as a joint track and not two separate tracks is because of the criticism of the worthless person in the first part of this track is summarised in the characterisation of the things God hates in the second part of the track. They’re both contending with an individual who almost takes pleasure in being so divisive.

People wouldn’t necessarily label themselves to be that way inclined, but when you consider the characteristics laid out throughout the track, you’ll notice some people expressing these traits without remorse. Though we might guilty from time to time of behaving like some of these abhorrent ways expressed, there are some who unrepentantly carry on these ways – that’s why it’s a stench to God.

For the commandment is a lamp and the teaching a light, and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life, to preserve you from the evil woman, from the smooth tongue of the adulteress. (Proverbs 6:23, 24 ESV)

Track 4 (vs 20-35) Treasure Your Parents’ Instruction To Avoid The Adulteress – Extended Mix

As opposed to some of the tracks on this tape, this is an extended take on a critical reason why it’s important not to forsake the wisdom passed down by the parents. This mix goes through not only the benefit in appreciating the wisdom of parents it hits the double whammy of getting messed up with the adulteress causes problems not just with her , but her husband too.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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