16MTP 05 – Don’t Even Go There

Stay away from a bad woman! Don’t even go near the door of her house. (Proverbs 5:8 CEV)

It’s one thing to be encouraged to consider something and it’s something else to be enticed into something. The thing is the difference of approach can often be subtle but the consequences of either can be the difference between life and death.

In Proverbs 5 a lot of space is given over to the enticing ways of a woman who will only bring about destruction. She’s seductive, she’s sweet talking, she’s got it going on and so it would be very easy to become enticed. Yet as the father goes onto warn the son from being enticed you soon become entangled and that’s not a pleasant place to end up. That would be avoided if you didn’t get caught up in your foolhardy nature of seeing how far you can go.

These words of wisdom aren’t just for men when it comes to certain women Applicable though it is to being faithful in relationships, it’s as much about being faithful to that which is life-giving and life-affirming for male and female as anything else.

Often the allure of going with the forbidden woman is the deception that things will be better with her, because she has it going on. It is a deception, though. What helps to see it for what it is, is to treasure what you already have for the great worth in it. that great thing you already have is a relationship with the faithful one. That is far more satisfying and enriching than having a peek at what the forbidden has to offer. All the forbidden has to offer is devastation, disaster and death.

So when it comes to the forbidden, the best advice to take is don’t even go there.

For his Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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