16MTP 02 – Paths Of The Righteous

Continuing the appeal to choose wisdom, the father encourages his son with the benefits of pursuing wisdom.

What’s particularly striking about the appeal is the reference to the pursuit of wisdom as an ongoing journey. Decision by decision, moment by moment leads us down a particular path to a certain outcome. The goal helps to define the path we take to reach it. That’s why certain decisions made without referring to the goal, or worse still being ignorant of the outcome of that decision results in fatal outcomes outlined by the father .

As with Psalm 1, the father contrasts the way of the wicked – a way that he hopes his son will avoid. Verses 12-15 gives the impression the father is warning his son away from corrupt peer pressure. There are influences of peers that goes along dark and bitter routes in the cover of thrill-seeking but actually more death-seeking.

That allure of thrills is heightened even more by the introduction of the adulteress in verses 16-19. From being persuaded by his corrupt mates the son is also assured that wisdom will ensure he’s not seduced by smooth and sweet talking woman who is good at dumping men in the worst sense of the term.

These calamities are avoided only by paying heed, valuing, treasuring and thus pursing a path of right – path laid out by God to allow those who walk on it to truly experience the benefits that this life has to give within us and beyond us.

Interesting to note too, this isn’t a singular path, neither is it a path for the lonely. Paths of the righteous suggest that just as you avoid corrupt company, so your acts in following what’s right places you in good company where there isn’t always just one way to do what’s right, but there are paths and ways that sincere counsel and godly dependence will highlight.

It’s reassuring to know that it is a journey, along a path, not always the easiest path, but a path made secure by the presence of the trusted one who guides on the way to life.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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