Exodus Extracts – A Review

A people enslaved, a man who has experienced the palace and life as an outsider is chosen. God, against the power of Pharaoh, proves to be the ultimate power in ten distinctive ways.

A people released, a man who knows God deeply leads them across the Red Sea and leads them through wilderness challenges. Despite God the Liberator setting the terms of the new relationship, the people show how embedded their rebellious nature is.

A people on a journey with purpose established by the presence of God who Liberates. A man who in the face of a rebellious people intercedes and pursues greater intimacy with God who Leads. A people generous in giving to the cause of setting the place of the presence.

A lot to learn about a people, a person and the God who liberates and leads by His promise, His purpose, His power and His presence.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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