In Between

Words, as you may have guessed, are very important to me.

How something is expressed determines my response. So for example when I ask someone what they do for a job and they’re not in a paying job at that time, I like it when they say they are ‘in between jobs’.

That particular phrase came in handy on the occasion or two when I found my time of employment in one location at an end and the start date for another stint of employment had yet to materialise. (See – far better saying ‘in between jobs’ than all that.) That phrase is filled with expectation and hope, very useful especially when I am not feeling that expectant or hopeful.

It’s not just employment times that have a little gap in between. There are times when it’s clear that one season of my life has come to an end, and another is yet to begin but between those times there is a gap.

When I moved to Stoke-on-Trent in 2000 it was clear to me that this was the start of a new episode. It took the best part of two years for me to realise what that new episode was all about. In that time my sheer naïvety meant I was dozy to paying attention in the ‘in between’ stages. So things were happening to me a lot, rather than me happening to things and then I would react to those things and not know how to react wisely and make mistakes and stumble and eventually recover before the next thing happened and the cycle happened again.

It’s not to say that I’m all that much more mature now, but it is to say I recognise that those ‘in between’ stages can be rough times. Especially as others have to live with you through those times constantly wondering when the next thing will happen.

Those ‘in between’ times though are opportunities. Great opportunities if they are viewed constructively. Times of rest and reflection. Times of thanksgiving. As well as crucially time of preparation.

I hope to learn especially about the preparation bits. So that things won’t happen in that same cycle again.

Here’s hoping.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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