Reason For The Tears

I am not the first guy to be shown as a paragon of the tough guy image.

One area in which I fail when it comes to particularly image is my propensity for tears. Nope, I am not the sort to well up when watching something soppy or mushy or that type of thing. I am not that bad. Yet I am very much in touch with my tear-ducts and have often shed a few.

One thing I will do that will get me crying from time to time is praying. You see as I pray, I start to remember who I am praying too and the tears well up and overflow for a number of reasons. Here are a few of those reasons

Mercy: It’s incredible discovering things about myself that truly are repugnant to God. Recognising them and knowing that a fair and just response to those merits judgement from God. Yet because of that amazing characteristic of mercy – He looks at His Son and all those issues and problems, the very endemic nature that sought to rebel against Him – He forgave me of it all. It’s amazing that He should express such a quality to me. Considering some of the episodes I’ve have and the scrapes I’ve got myself in, His mercy is astounding and as He allows me to go to Him and engage with Him and be reminded that He has put His Spirit in me to live in a way pleasing to Him – that’s why the tears of joy flow

Greatness: I like getting an idea of how great a person or event is. There’s a friend of mine whose intelligence is genuinely intimidating. He doesn’t flex it to show off, it’s just apparent that he’s blessed those ways and he’s a humble guy so that makes it almost bearable. Yet this guy’s intelligence is nothing compared to the intellect of God. Just contemplating the greatness of God is awe-inspiring. It’s great recounting His exploits in scripture from delivering His people from slavery in Egypt to delivering His people from slavery to sin in His Son. It’s a magnificent enterprise to undertake capturing them all and seeing how great He is. To know that this is just the tip of the iceberg of God’s majestic greatness throughout the universe is beyond words. In all that He still chooses to engage and relate to me and suggest that I can witness more of His greatness in the changed lives of people and a creation brought completely under His rule, is something so profoundly moving – that’s why the tears of joy flow.

Love: The very capacity I can barely begin to understand as love comes from Him because He is love. Seeing that love expressed in my life from providing essentials to pointing out His will for my life is something I dare not take for granted. Seeing that love expressed as something far greater and purer than other imitations and efforts, marks Him out one worthy of my praise and adoration. Along with attribute of holiness, God as love is something that He is and does and that’s incredible. The source of love, I know Him to exhibit such knowing tenderness and care knowing when to discipline at the right time that embracing that in prayer makes me feel all that bit more humbled in His presence. That He’s a good and righteous is assuring and knowing these attributes are all based on His love makes Him someone trustworthy above all others. To see that love continue to be expressed to me every day in so many ways is so touching when it comes to engaging with Him – that’s why the tears of joy flow.

Hymn words like those to classics like How Great Thou Art, At Calvary (and the Jon Gibson update On Calvary) and To God Be The Glory also get me choked up with tears of overwhelming gratitude for how they express the deepest sentiments of my hearts about God and to God for all He is.

These reasons also help a great deal to prevent me getting big-headed. They put me in place and remind me that anything I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to Him.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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