There Is Healing …

It’s very easy to get discouraged.

All my life I have been involved in some sort of Christian related activity or initiative. The Bible was an important of the household in which I was brought up. Later in life I took it a bit more seriously and read episodes of great healing of people with various ailments including some being raised from the dead. I read those things and thought they should be typical of every day life as a follower of Christ.

It wasn’t typical of my every day life as a follower of Christ. So I would from time to time get discouraged. In fact there were quite a number of things I saw in scripture that were not reflected in my every day life as a follower of Christ. So I would from time to time get discouraged.

What helps me tremendously in my walk with Christ is to know that walking with Him is real even in the days when I don’t witness healings in the name of Jesus. Even when they don’t happen, even when suffering continues and tears of pain still flow two realities remain – He is still worthy of following and there is still healing.

There’s no effective point in quibbling over why there’s no healing. Beating ourselves up about this reason and that reason has achieved precisely no progress in the situation. It’s good to know if there’s sin to be repented of, it’s good to know if there’s something of which we’re ignorant. Those are good things. But beating ourselves up, or worse still beating others up for not praying, or not having enough faith or their unrighteousness in our eyes completely misses the point.

Testimonies from other believers of the healings they have witnessed reaffirms the point that Jesus still heals. The point of those healings too is to be a sign to people of the wonder of God – the wonder of the reality of the heavenly Father calling out to sick humanity to be made whole by returning to Him. If I get hung up on the signs and not the destination to which they indicate I would have missed everything.

Thank God there are other signs He gives that point to Him including the most significant healing of all – the healing of our broken hearts in the light of the greatest expression of His love – His Son on the cross. Looking to that cross, seeing that faith in that sees our sins forgiven and lives made whole in returning to Him by faith is a healing worth celebrating and sharing.

I may not see physical healings every day or every time there’s a gathering of believers. Yet there is still healing. Though the sister may not have recovered after we prayed, there is still the testimony of her marriage that was recused because of the love of God. Though the brother may still be struggling in hospital, there is still his testimony of recovering a right relationship with his brother after years of being estranged.

Healing is taking place all over the world, all over the country and in this city. He is mending broken lives with the power of His gospel.

Discouraging though it may appear at times – there is still healing.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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