The quality of courage remains one of the most valued in any community. It’s not always recognised and does not always make itself obvious and known to all. To those who witness a courageous character it soon becomes evident what marks them out for what they are.

It takes courage to believe in the gospel of Jesus Chrst when the culture around you denounces it. When they decry it and in some cases outlaw it, courage is clearly among those who continue to practise it.

It takes courage to  keep looking after your children as a single parent when there’s pressure to get someone else to do all the childcare while you work to make ends meet.

It takes courage to go beyond your comfort zone and face a challenge that would defeat others, but do so only hanging on by hope and faith that what you do ifs not just for your benefit but for the good of others. It takes courage to persist in giving even as you get down to the last pennies in your pocket. It takes courage to keep showing up for church gatherings with families as a single person looking for a spouse and facing a distinct lack of options.

It takes courage to challenge the status quo as a young person and dare to say that the world in which you live can be better and requires substantial changes. It takes courage in the face of great opposition to maintain a bright outlook on the possibility of God’s creation to truly do beautiful and wonderful things as they become gradually beautiful and wonderful people reflecting the glory of God in all the earth.

It takes courage and that courage is not always in rich supply – but there are people who demonstrate it. People in your workplace, people on the bus, people in the same church gathering, people even in the same household. Wherever it’s identified it’s to be applauded for it is courage that will lead people to work to fulfil the calling of God on their lives.

For his Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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