January Review – February Preview

So that’s the first month of the year done already.

I suspect the best intentions of people at the beginning of the year are already being  … stretched. That’s understandable, that’s the thing about life getting in the way of our best intentions.

As for me, January has been an interesting month. I have the privilege of being attached to a group of people who look out for me. (No, not the police.) I got to let them know how the month had been for me. My initial thoughts were negative about the month. There’s a lot I could say about personal difficulties and struggles that could get me all frown and down.

However, on further reflection it was also apparent in and amongst the struggles there are quite a few reasons to be thankful. One of the big reasons has been the blogging. I like the regularity and discipline of blogging and to be able to make it through January consistently posting twice a day on weekdays and then the two entries over the weekend has been very pleasing.

It’s not about getting hung up with tip-top quality at all times. I don’t have those days and wouldn’t expect to see it on the blog. To be able to post something though, just keeps the momentum going. To also be as far into the Exodus Extracts series has been fascinating too.

Off the blogging, there are some key relationships locally and beyond that have developed over the month and have been a huge help to me. One conversation in particular this month was so refreshing it felt like I hadn’t been refreshed in a very long time. That was brilliant and I am very grateful for that.

One of the things I look at in January, though, was how to a degree it was something that happened to me more than I happened to it. That is to say there were areas where I was more reactive than I needed to be. In as much as I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest exponent of the gung-ho mentality where I start every day screaming Carpe Diem, I could be a bit more positive in approaching things.

Thus for February I have set some goals in place with measures on which I can judge my progress. The good people that look out for me (no, not the people in the white coats) can keep track of my movements where that’s concerned and all being well I hope to have some praise and thanksgiving reports where that’s concerned should my life be spared to see the end of this odd month.

Something that will help extremely in that regard is an upsurge in the mission mentality. To think of every day being a mission in itself with tasks to be completed and objectives reached to further advance in matters of the Kingdom help tremendously. There are lots of Kingdom opportunities in any given day and it’s to have that mission mentality to be sensitive to the ones that I’m responsible to accomplish to give God glory. That has influenced the goals I’ve set for the month, one of which I can hint at the moment involves how to study the Bible. (Even though Eric is doing a terrific job of addressing that in his ten-part series over at his blog.)

I hope to continue the consistency of blogging over the month and stay on course with Exodus Extracts as well as anything else that springs to mind to share with you in this journey of life. One of the key things emerging from January is the centrality of prayer in all things. I know I need the prayer and I know I need to pray.

I would really appreciate your prayers that this month can be one where the mission mentality delivers great experiences walking with Jesus. Thanks for your support.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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