Prayer Perspectives

I asked a few good friends of mine this question: when was the first prayer in the Bible?

The answer is … something I found fascinating to consider. First of all the good friends gave me different answers for very convincing reasons.

Secondly, the good friends all were wise to say that it all depends on how you define the word prayer. I come across some simple answers and some simplistic answers. Thankfully my good friends didn’t palm me off with simplistic answers. Simplistic in the sense of reducing it to asking God for stuff is all there is to prayer.

Their responses were much more about what it means to be dynamic participant in a conversation with God. Sure that includes asking God for things. It includes that, but it’s more than that.

Perspectives on prayer does a lot to determine the nature of your relationship with God. It says a lot for how you perceive Him and how that works in your every day life.

It’s something worth considering when you read Genesis again. When is the first time in Scripture a human becomes engaged in a desired participatory conversation with God?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


One thought on “Prayer Perspectives

  1. Shalom, very good question, one in which I’ve never thought about, but now I’m curious so guess what I will be studying for the answer:))

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