The Need For Patience For The Necessary Changes

Some things in life require gradual change and some alterations here and there.

I enjoy people talking on things as a project and slowly but surely changing things to reflect their vision for something. As you’re aware I’m a football fan. (Oh you’re not aware? Well now you are. Oh and if you’re from the States you know I mean the proper game called football that requires the players to kick the spherical object – y’know foot ball.) Something I do enjoy about football is how managers cannot wholesale change a side overnight and so they must stamp their mark on things in an incremental fashion.

That takes time. That requires patience. Manchester United fans know that their years of success from 1992 onwards was because of the patience taken to invest in the plan of their boss Sir Alex Ferguson. He committed himself to the necessary changes in the club.

There are other stories of entire football legacies that required changes to take place to sustain them or re-establish them as a force. They took time and I can only really say the Chelsea project was the one that immediately brought success.

For all my admiration for the careful alterations to things approach, there comes a time when actually it’s not an alteration that’s required. Evolution is not the answer. A wholesale reformation from top to bottom is called for and nothing less will bring about the desired affect.

Yet even that requires a great deal of patience, especially because it still involves people. People who are used to the first model, people who have no idea how they would deal with a wholesale upheaval, even when it’s needed. That degree of patience is certainly an expression of the love of God in your life.

Patience is the key – patiences with hope that the change is gonna come.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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