Perils Of Forgetting History

I spent a lot of my childhood reading.

Yeah I spent a lot of it watching television as well. Probably too much television as I get the impression every time I am in a tight situation and suddenly recall the theme tune to Thundercats or the opening monologue of Adam, Prince of Eternia from He-Man.

I spent a lot time reading, though. I wouldn’t class myself as a major academic historian at all, but I found myself interested in the lives of personalities and events from the past. My big interest was football and as someone fascinated with football, I enjoyed reading about the history of the game in modern times. I also had a little interest in politics both in America and in Britain.

As I took Christianity a little bit more seriously I was also interested a little in how the church got growing and the different streams that developed over the millennia. As a result it’s intriguing watching people come up with ideas about how to sort out certain issues in football, in politics and in the church.

What’s intriguing about it, is how people evidently don’t bother paying too much attention to history and plough head long into decisions. Decisions that have been made before. Decisions that have the best of intentions and dire consequences.

It’s not about living in the past. On the contrary, it’s about learning from the past to not have to repeat the failings found there.

These kind of issues also play a part in how I know I’ve got to be careful with my own decisions. Keep praying that I can learn from the past to make wise decisions in the present that will leave a good history to read in the future.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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