About Building and Training

It’s fascinating, really.

To get from one place to another, we initially walked. Then as the distance lengthened we used a horse. As we used the horse we noticed that the way was too rough, so we smoothed it somewhat. In doing so we established a set route for getting from the one place to the other. When that journey involved crossing a chasm, we considered going down into its lowest valley before making our way up again. Then we devised the concept of the bridge to quicken the journey across the chasm rather than all the way down and through it.

Hey, I ain’t writing exact historical facts, I am just looking at something like travel and considering how it might have involved. Either way a route was devised, made firm, established and maintained. All in order to ensure you could get to me or I could get to you and back again.

When I think about the things we build, I wonder if we use the creative abilities at our disposal to find different routes of getting from me to you. By that I don’t just mean physically. I applaud the routes opened by communication technology. There’s more though. I see how people use garment making, catering, carpentry, knitting, music, stamp collecting, football and more to build ways to get from me to you. I see how people use so many different ways to build ways that connect us. I wonder if we really make the most of those.

Whilst I am there wondering, I also wonder if we look to develop ourselves in whatever we can do to improve our ability in contributing to serving each other and building and maintaining those ways that connect us.

Thankfully I don’t spend all my time wondering. There’s work to do. Work in building. Work in training.

I hope to share updates here on how that work is getting on.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

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