That Was Then, This is Now: So?

Reading the book of Acts there’s quite a lot of astounding things that happen after the ascension of Jesus Christ.

I remember asking and now I’ve lived to see my children ask: if things like this happened at that time, why don’t they happen now?

Some blamed it on a lack of faith. Some blamed it on people reading things and expecting too much. So many excuses have been made that I’m surprised people didn’t blame it on the sunshine, the moonlight, the good times or the boogie.

Thankfully I am reassured to know that it’s not that things like that never happen anymore. The reality is more that my specific circle of influence doesn’t witness such miraculous works, such expressions of unity of the faith and such a display of people becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

That used to bother me to the point of distraction and distress. Yet what it tends to do now, in the vein of something I said recently concerning burdens and assignments, it propels me to depend on God more. Not just depend on Him in the hope that He will perform these things as though I’m just in it for the performance. I don’t love Jesus for the performance. I love Him because He first loved me and happens to be Lord of creation.

I do depend on Him to continue to believe even when circumstances give people a reason to doubt or despair. Seeking first His Kingdom and his righteousness will allow me to see whatever that will look like in my lifetime, especially the miracle of new life. As I also depend on Him I also learn to avail myself to Him so that if He looks to work through someone for His glory I am not hiding.

It remains an exciting thing to read the experiences of what goes on in the book of Acts. I am glad the final chapter has not finished its writing just yet.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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