Exodus Extracts 06 – Reminders Amidst Rejection

Moses spoke thus to the people of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery. (Exodus 6:9 ESV)

It is important not to underestimate the significance of the circumstances we face and where that’s coming from.

If since childhood all the girl has ever heard is that she’s not as good as her older sister. If that message of inadequacy has been reinforced time and time again from parents, then peer group it’s understandably going to be hard to get another message across. That conditioning can be so deeply embedded that even if someone shares a message of hope for release it would only take the slightest setback for that girl to spiral back to a position of feeling a failure.

As far as these descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were concerned despite that glimmer of hope conveyed by Moses that the God of their fathers had heard them, their worsened circumstances shut their ears to any talk of deliverance. This was no slight setback. This was a seismic slap in the face saying those who oppressed them were in charge, not some unseen deity who had as yet done nothing to alleviate their suffering.

In as much as sometimes things get worse before they get better, it’s still worth noting the record of God’s reminder in the midst of rejection. Our circumstances do not hinder His plans. Our despondency does not postpone His purpose. Before it is revealed His Word goes out to say it will be. His care over His Word remains. His commitment to His covenant stays strong even in our despair.

Faith and hope help us to aspire to the full realisation of His promises. Circumstances severely test and weaken the resolve in faith. That is why episodes like these are given to reassure us that God knows what it’s like to see His people agonising in great suffering. He knows and He is not unmoved. God knows and He sees the distress that would even lead us to reject His Word.

In that time, however, He does not reject us. He reminds us of what He will do. And He fulfils His Word … in the fullness of time.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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