Those Who Are With Us Are Greater Than …

2 Kings 6. Episode of Elisha being surrounded by the Syrian army.

Elisha’s servant rightly expresses some concern for their situation. Elisha, however, is not concerned at all.

In this sophisticated age of science and technology with scepticism over such episodes even some Christians would be wary of taking these episodes too seriously. It’s a ‘nice’ story and that’s about it.

Yet despite my education and the like there is something that burns in me to suggest that this is not to be considered as a ‘nice’ story. It’s a man of God operating in the will of God who is able to overcome the opposition because the army of God that is with him is far greater than those who oppose him.

There are lots who oppose the men of God today. Physically and otherwise. Much that seeks the destruction by distraction of the men of God. Understandably considering the apparently immense odds it would be easy to believe that the opponents are too much for us.

Perhaps we should just keep our faith to ourselves. We might upset and disrupt the influential figures of the status quo. We might antagonise and agitate against the vested interests of the rich and powerful. That might come at a high price. To avoid that hassle, far easier to acquiesce and not stir up those who oppose.

To do that though, would expose just how blind we are to the hosts of those who wait for the order to fight on our behalf. Not to fight for the sake of graphic violence. Rather to show just how great our God is.

Open our eyes, Lord, so we might see that You are far greater than our enemy.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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