Renewed Love of the Word and Words

In as much as there’s no clear and defined GOAL OF THE YEAR for me in 2016. It has been very interesting thus far in terms of the Word and words.

I don’t class myself as a scholar, but I would consider myself to be a student. What’s the difference? Spelling and advancement in the area of study. I might not be that scholastic in my approach to studying, but I do enjoy doing it whenever I can. Of all the things to study I enjoy studying words and how they’re used. Again not in a forensic sense, but definitely in the way of working out how to express stances verbally and in text. I love that. I love listening and reading people and admiring how they convey a point. The beauty of words is something that has been with me for most of my conscious life.

Renewing something doesn’t always mean something has expired. In my case there’s just a fresh impetus – an injection that stirs a new passion and desire for something. That’s definitely the case when it’s come to words. The reason for that has been listening to the Bible. As I listened particularly to what happens in 1 and 2 Kings and the words used and the phrases mentioned, there was something in me that applauded how all those action movies I had watched as a child could have been based on various things seen in these chapters. Yet these chapters evoke richer images of what has taken place.

It renews a passion to write and a passion for words.

In doing that, however, I was reminded about the whole point of these narratives about the rise and fall of the Kings of Judah and Israel. They all are written in reference to the coming of the Son of David scheduled to reign on his throne. Acknowledging Jesus Christ for who He is remains a task that is never complete. I get annoyed by efforts at getting people to think that if we recite names and titles we’ll be alright. There’s a lot more to knowing someone that being able to reel off their names and titles. Truly and deeply exploring the character, definition and outworking of the person of Jesus Christ is such a thrilling journey that I found myself acknowledging that maybe where that was concerned, the fervour was not as fierce as it used to be. What I noticed again was when that fervour slackens in ferocity, my creativity tends to also be blunted. I love living by creativity. I love ideas, I love being able to express ideas and explore them. They don’t have to be original – indeed when I think about church and how to do community the ideas I consider are old – very old. They are old and so fascinating to explore and envisage how they could be practised. Where do all these ideas find their source? Where do all these words of fascination come from? The words come from The Word. Greater interest in the Word sparks a greater interest in words.

That’s why although I don’t have that banner statement with goals and all guns blazing – but I am happily occupied with something else in the meantime.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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