Dryden Update – January 2016

So, there’s been the review of the year that’s taken up the last twelve days.

I have been informed that it’s a new year. Usually I am bristling and bubbling with all the great plans for the year. At this time, however, I don’t feel that urge for the new. Though I do have a renewed desire to pursue a lot of the things that occupied my mind last year.

In fact where things like this blog are concerned, it’s not so much a matter of new things as celebrating what has worked well in the past. In this light, I am eager to return to daily blogging my way through a book in the Bible. This time last year it was Genesis, so it only makes sense that now I make my way through the book of Exodus. I hope to begin that every week day as of this Monday.

There have been things going on with me over the last six months especially which I have slightly hinted at in the review of the year. I hope to be able to report more tangible progress where such initiatives are concerned in the coming weeks and months.

I had the privilege of hearing a friend of mine desire more than anything to seek God and make that search the all consuming quest. That’s a very noble quest. I find myself in agreement with such a desire and I hope that will further shape what I post on this blog.

So, with grateful heart for the continued goodness of God, let’s see how it goes!

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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