YIR15 – 12 – Thanks and Long Journeys

Going on long journeys as a child in a car appealed to me a lot.

For whatever reason I derived great pleasure in spending hours getting to a specific location. Often I wasn’t too bothered about the location or the purpose of the trip. Indeed truth be told, the purpose of the trip was a lot less interesting than the journey itself.

Good thing I had the interest in long journeys, because December proved taxing because of long journeys. There was the actual physical long journeys I took to reach the location for a contract I was scheduled to deliver over the majority of the month. Gruelling though that was, on this occasion the purpose of the journey made it worthwhile. To be fair the length of the contract also made it durable, but the purpose of making the trip conducting what needed to be done and engaging with the people there was a great honour.

In taking those journeys, however, it also indicated just how long the life journey over the year has been. The ups, downs, insights, disappointments, highlights, missed opportunities, surprises and even the run of the mill decisions. Time for reflection in those long journeys inspired the thoughts of a series of monthly reviews over 2015.

As the month and the year came to its completion, I felt really tired. I was grateful for the brief respite I got on the completion of the contract. So much came to a head, I was even slightly uncertain what happened next. I was a little unsure as to what I wanted and the direction I should pursue.

In it, however, there were little hints as to what could occupy my time at least on the outset of the new year. One thing certain was that not all hope was lost. There was still lots to be getting on with productively.

That being the case, though, there was a lot to be grateful for over the year. Plenty of people to thank for their active positive support for me in those 12 months. It was a pleasure and privilege just making a list of those folks. God had definitely enriched me in that area.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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